"At NextGen Center, it's not just a playbook for leadership. It's focused on the individual, and bringing your best self to your team. The course helps you focus on long term goals and how they connect to your values. Then you learn to organize your day-to-day tasks around realizing those goals.

There are very few things in life that you can point to and say, "After doing this, I am different than when I started." And this program is one of those things."

— Sarah G., Founder, reify media

“I would say that this is one of the most important long-term investments we have made as a company.”



"The Foundation for Effective Leadership program isn't just for entrepreneurs. It's for anybody looking to grow their career in a mindful way, with a strong vision and values that reflect you as a person and as a professional."

— Jamie p., Real Estate broker, 501 realty

“Brian is knowledgeable and experienced enough that he's able to take his general message and customize it to each person in the group. I think the most potent part of the program is that information is presented in an interactive way and processed by a group of people who become peers and mentors for each other.”


"Being a part of the NextGen Center opened my mind to the power of listening – to my inner voice, to my employees, and to my customers. In this program, Brian explains why a collaborative leadership approach is critical for success and how to achieve it. The interactive experience prompts powerful questions that lead you to define your core values and better understand your "why."

Brian shows us a path to bring passion to the driver's seat and leverage it to empower others. In this program, Brian grants permission to step out of the daily grind and look at the big picture. How are you empowering others? Living your core values? Demonstrating active listening that allows others to be heard? With plenty of ah-hah insights along the way, this fun, engaging program is sure to inspire the way you show up as a leader."

— Braden r., Co-Founder & CEO, vital plan

”The NextGen Center program gave us actual tools to use that day. I didn’t need months or years. I could immediately implement things.”

- CHELSEA n., MARKETING MANAGER, reunion marketing

"NextGen Center helped me put structure, thought and clarity around my goals -- both professionally, as a financial advisor and personally, as a spouse and father. The course has helped me create a mindset with a long term arc of my business. What's the vision in five, ten or twenty years? How do I bring that back to today's world and do tactical elements to get there?"

-EVAN m., founder & ceo, investor’s mosaic

The Foundation program helped me identify how and where I want to spend my time intentionally -- so I can be effective at my job, happier in my personal life, a better partner, and a better mentor.”

-David B., Red Hat




Testimonials about
Professional Coaching

"Brian has a very nice sense for when to listen, when to support, and when to challenge and push me outside my comfort zone to accomplish the goals I set."

— Adam,  VP of Customer Success


"The most amazing thing about working with Brian was that I would go into our discussions with an inkling that something needed to change or a feeling that I was struggling, and by the end of a 1-hour conversation he would have helped me to identify what the issue was, and have a plan moving forward."

— Lisa, Customer Experience Lead


After literally years of somewhat aimless job changes and career "false starts", I was feeling burned out - and it showed at work and in my personal life. I was at a loss around how to make my next move much more intentional.

I was connected with Brian just before starting at a new company, and he's provided incredibly useful and insightful frameworks for increasing awareness in both professional and personal areas. This awareness helps me align what I want to be doing with what I am actually doing. The burned out feeling is gone!

-ANDREW, General Manager, Growth & Strategy


Working with Brian was an enlightening experience. He listened and guided me to self-realization of my personal leadership strengths and weaknesses. His hands-off approach was powerful because it allowed me to use my own words to identify and evaluate the behaviors and attributes that make up my leadership style.

-Jimmy, Consulting Associate


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