Professional COACHING

Leadership Coaching for Individuals and Teams


When some people think about coaching, they think it involves simply listening or offering advice. But coaching is different from that — it is about building a partnership to facilitate a process of growth and transformational change.


NextGen Center offers coaching engagements through its programs as well as on an individual basis. We believe that leadership is personal and unique to every individual and team. Which makes professional coaching an invaluable opportunity for transformational development.

Our coaching philosophy:

Our job as coaches is to attend, listen, and then facilitate a process that helps clients move from Point A to Point B. The key word is “facilitate.” It is not our role as coaches to lead the conversation. It is not our role as coaches to tell clients what to do.

It is our role to execute the essential skills and competencies that we’ve been trained in, and to be a partner. Not the lead.

This is a critical distinction. To the untrained eye it may seem like we're just sitting there and “listening.” But clearly, the power and skill of facilitation counts for something, and that’s where coaching is a great challenge and opportunity.


"The most amazing thing about working with Brian was that I would go into our discussions with an inkling that something needed to change or a feeling that I was struggling, and by the end of a 1-hour conversation he would have helped me to identify what the issue was, and have a plan moving forward."