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Featured: David Bericat

"The Foundation program helped me identify how and where I want to spend my time intentionally -- so I can be effective at my job, happier in my personal life, a better partner, and a better mentor."


David Bericat was a skeptic, pure and simple.

David Bericat

He’d heard the buzzwords and seen the self-help books, but he didn’t think a leadership program was going to help him do his job better, much less be a transformative experience.

“I’ve seen companies talk about big missions and their values,” he said. “They sound awesome, but then those companies still had a terrible culture. They seemed like empty words.”

Even when Bericat learned about the Foundation for Effective Leadership program by NextGen Center from someone he trusted whole-heartedly, he still wasn’t convinced. But he decided to try it.

“I did it because my wife thought it would be a good experience,” he admits. Having completed the course herself, Bericat’s wife explained that the tools she learned would help them both personally, as well as in their respective professional lives.

A native of Spain, Bericat came to the United States three years ago to work with Red Hat. Now in Raleigh, North Carolina, he works with emerging technologies building global partnerships. And while he loves his job, he acknowledges the toll it takes and the skills he wanted to further develop.


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