Community Module: Values-based Leadership


NextGen Center recently hosted its second community module of 2019. These experiences are designed for participants of our programs/engagements, to keep the journey of leadership top-of-mind and continuous.

This was the first time we invited a guest speaker to speak to our community events, and Fulton Breen of TKXS inspired our group as he spoke about values-based leadership. The truth about values-based leadership is that it’s one thing to intellectualize the approach, and another thing to hear from someone who applies and measures values in his company and teams.

Fulton really hit home on a term he has coined… “values quotient.” In addition to concepts like IQ or EQ, the idea of the values quotient centers on how you embody, live, and engage (people and teams) in your company values. Fulton brought his homegrown solution (Novarte) to the group and talked about how to engage people and teams more effectively, and the impact of doing so.

I was personally pleased to see the participants engage in this topic, as they were fascinated by the idea that you can use software to objectively measure employee engagement. Speaking of engagement, participants also had the chance to meet each other, share ideas, and learn from one another.

Overall, it was an inspiring event for growth and development.

Fulton has a very compelling story, but seeing leaders across the Triangle from different companies invest in their development is always the best part.

I personally can’t wait for the next one!

Brian Alvo