Next Level: Advanced Leadership Program

Keep the momentum going. Go to the next level.

After completing the Foundation for Effective Leadership, the journey continues.

The Next Level program provides participants with an opportunity to further develop their personal leadership, refine skills, and learn new concepts for thinking about future growth.

What will you come away with?

Leadership Philosophy Statement: A statement of how you intend to lead.

Leadership Brand Development Plan: Your plan for intention, ownership, and accountability as you continue through the program and workplace.


The Next Level program offers:

  • Experiential, in-person development that builds a deeper level of awareness and intentionality around leadership

  • Facilitation and instruction that fosters growth and development in a peer format

  • The exploration and refinement of your values-based leadership to effectively communicate, develop, and lead others in the workplace.

Build on the concepts and frameworks introduced in the Foundation program to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of self that increases confidence and competence as a leader

  • Improve your ability to lead and develop others by solidifying your own philosophy and brand

  • Learn concepts/frameworks on building and engaging teams for future company growth


Program Duration

A 3 Workshop Series (2019)


Thursday, August 22

Wednesday, September 4

Wednesday, October 2


9:30AM-3:30PM. Lunch is included.