To invest in growth, you invest in people.

Often the greatest obstacle to effectively leading others is not properly understanding how to lead ourselves. It is a challenge we all face, but it is especially challenging for young professionals who rise quickly through the ranks in their workplaces. Immensely talented individuals struggle more than they need to in leadership roles because organizations often neglect to focus on effective professional development.

Our program, Foundation for Effective Leadership, is specially designed to fill this gap.

Foundation for Effective Leadership centers on an in-person, experiential practicum to develop essential leadership skills.  Because it’s experiential – relevant, group-based, and face-to-face – our program emphasizes building on the participant’s own experience, while also providing a support and learning network to help address challenges in real-time.

Our program is tailored to individual participants and creates deep awareness for emerging leaders.  With awareness comes effective decision-making, a more inclusive leadership approach, and stronger receptiveness among team members.

What do participants learn?

As a result of participating in this experiential practicum, participants will:

  • Build skills in key leadership and coaching competencies.
  • Gain a sound understanding of coaching as a tool for leadership – of its distinctive purpose and value.
  • Increase self‐awareness of their their personal strengths and development needs.
  • Reflect on and develop their own leadership “philosophy.”
  • Succeed in both in their professional and personal lives. This means achieving their career goals and living their lives according to their own carefully considered values. 

Who should participate?

Our program would be just what you are looking for if you are:

  • An emerging leader
  • A first-time leader 
  • A founding leader of your organization

What can participants expect?

By participating in this program, participants will receive:

  • Performance-based professional development practicum designed to teach effective leadership and coaching skills.
  • Workshops intentionally designed around learning (concepts, tools, frameworks), practice, and then application in the workplace.
  • A strength-based assessment and personalized debrief.
  • Individual one-on-one coaching.
  • Supervision and support of a cohort to share their experience.

Program Details

Program Duration: 5 Modules

Program Spots: Limited to 18 participants. Fully enrolled.

Module Dates (Spring 2018):

  • #1: February 23 (Fri)
  • #2: March 26 (Mon)
  • #3: April 23 (Mon)
  • #4: May 31 (Thu)
  • #5: June 22 (Fri)

Module Hours: 8:30AM – 4:30PM

Module Topics:

  • #1: Essential Skills
  • #2: Core Values
  • #3: Vision
  • #4: Objective & Goal Setting
  • #5: Delivering & Receiving Feedback

Location: Durham, NC (Various Venues)

*Program Fee: $2,450 for all modules, coaching, assessments and more.

*Sign-up before January 19, 2018 and save 10% on program fee.

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